THE ALITA PROJECT | proof of concept

The ALITA Project is a proof of concept fan-made film for the Manga series Battle Angel Alita, created by Yukito Kishiro. This film is meant to solely to display our vision for a live-action Alita. Learn more about the project at

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Alita - Lauren Ashley Carter
Daisuke Ido - Matt McCroskey
Zapan Goons - Jason Mello & Bryce Biederman

Creator / Writer - Forrest McClain

Executive Producers - Justin & Nicole Eure
Director - Natasha Kermani
Associate Producer / Editor - Gabriel De Urioste
Director of Photography - Tim Wu
Assistant Camera - James Herron
Swing - Patrick McDevitt
Music Composition - Mt Eden - Jesse Cooper & Harley Rayner
Sound Effects - Boom Libraries
Production Designers - Anna Pasz
Art Director - Cidney Hue
Art Director - Nicole Eure
Prosthetics - Anna Pasz
Special Makeup Effects - Lauren Conoscenti
Special Lighting Design - Edward Richardson
Hair - Michael Thomas Zambrano
Makeup - Flynn Pyykkonen
Wardrobe Consultant - Caroline Thornton
Wardrobe - Alice Hood
Conceptual Design / Story Boards - Shamus Beyale
Stunt Coordinator - Corey Pierno
Stuntmen - Jason Mello & Bryce Biederman
Visual Effects - Tim Wu
Matte Painting - Shamus Beyale
Transportation - Amery Kessler
Camera - RED Epic supplied by Bokeh Pictures
Special Thanks to - Seth Hagenstein, Chelsea Whyte, The Eure Family, The McClain family, Noah Shulman, Dominick Sivilli, Tina Braz, and the Pierno Family.